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con virkss. thank you so much for being with us during the night. >> thank you. >> with me defense attorney steve razor and pathologist and fox news contributor dr. michael baden. let's hit it. you've got the first medical examiner says it's a heart attack. the second medical examiner said it's a heart attack with drugs. third said she drowned. nobody said it was a homicide. how does the prosecution win? >> well, i think number one is that the diagnosis by the third medical examiner dr. perper of evidence in the testimony and the autopsy of drowning is correct. that she had a lot of water in her lungs and air passages from the testimony. >> let's assume she drowned. how do we know what she drowned from? >> like drew peterson case. people don't drowned in bathtubs wearing clothes innocently. >> did she have clothes? >> the top of her body had clothes on. she wasn't taking a bath and had a heart attack. >> what was she doing in the tub? >> that's why it was -- let's see if that dr. macneill can answer that. there was an issue as to whether she was bent over the tub or whether she was
. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >> it sold more than 30 million records and recorded more than a dozen top 40 hits including reminiscing, lady and night owl. here to perform a song from "cuts like a diamond," please welcome "the little river band." >> great to have you here. lil wayne, your music has been able to span over several decades. one of the most notable things about little river band is the incredible harmonies of the band. is it natural to you guys or do you have to really work at it like if i sang with you? >> what a loaded question. >> yeah, it's loaded. i haven't heard you sing but you are playing great. >> that's why there is not a mieshg phone for me. that's a reason for that. >> it does come natural with these people. after people come and go after 30 years we have had a lot of people come and go, one of the connecting elements is that ability to blend, sing hard night after night and create that kind of blend in those kind of powerful vocals. >> this new album "
, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >> obama care relies healthy people under 35 to fund the coverage for older and sick. two guests tried to sign up for the affordable care act. 30-year-old law student brendan was paying $39 a month and logging on to obama care he found he doesn't have to pay anything at all. covereding to the website he is eligible for medicaid and he will get it for free. and casandra is a stay at home mom with three young kids and another on the way. her family lives on a tight budget and likes the concept of obama care and when she tried to sign up, she found out the costs are too much for her family to handle and she's better off paying the fine. brend an and casandra join me and thank you for being here. brend an, let me start wu. you are lucky to access the website and that is a plus in itself. when you found out you could get health care for less than $39 you were paying was that a surprise to you? >> it was. it is sort of. i mean, at $39 is not the whole st
. i said, of course i'm in denial. denial is the greatest of all defense mechanisms. i could be a professor of denial. i'm an expert. i was going on and on. he wasn't amused. >> reporter: he gave krauthammer an ultimatum. go to group therapy or leave the program. >> i went to the next 21 weeks of sessions or whatever it was. but i really didn't say a word. so when people would notice they would say, why aren't you talking? i said, because i'm in denial. i'm not a big therapy guy. >> reporter: you didn't want somebody looking around in your head? >> yes. i don't like to talk b about myself except with you, i guess. i'm not a touchy-feely guy. that's probably why i quit psychiatry. if you're not into feelings, emotions and all the back story then you ought to be doing something else. >> reporter: in 1978, krauthammer took a government job in washington at what would become the national institute of mental health. it really wasn't what he wanted but it put him in the right neighborhood. >> i thought, once i'm in washington, isn't that where they do politics? one thing will lead
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4